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Let’s board the gambling time machine and go back about... 30 years. In the distant 1987, almost Paleolithic by today’s standards of technology, we stand at the gates of a traditional casino..

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Once something starts, it is hard to stop. So, online games were developed more and more after the initial success of the first-person shooter games. On the heels of the shooters, came the strategists.

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Once online casinos appeared the slots met their final destiny: a real revolution and an explosion never seen before. The varieties and titles of slots were catapulted in the thousands...


You are seated at a roulette table. Take a look around you. The roulette table has a relentless way to reveal your inner true self and expose you to the world. Would you like to know...

Online casinos have been around for more than 20 years. Here is a comparison with land based ones.



Let’s board the gambling time machine and go back about... 30 years. In the distant 1987, almost Paleolithic by today’s standards of technology, we stand at the gates of a traditional casino. Gentlemen are supposed to be decently dressed, which in some cases means also ties, ladies look sexy and mysterious, even with the crazy eighties hair-dos and the shoulder pads, and mobile phones weigh on approximation 2 kilos each.

The atmosphere is full of noise, croupiers’ “place your bets” loud voices, sounds of people around the craps table, roulette balls spinning and then doing that staccato heart-stopping sound when they finally rest on 18 red. You can have drinks, since the more you drink, the looser you get and the looser you get the more you spend, and you can also have excellent dinners. In fact, it is a close ecosystem, where everything is perfectly designed to satisfy your appetite, any appetite and not let you get bored, not even for a second (boredom in this world being the original sin or the seven sins compressed in one). There are even buses waiting for you outside to drive you to the closest big city if the venue you have visited is outside the city’s boundaries.


There is one thing that can be said about the online casino industry and this is that it never stops evolving. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in the labs of the game providers never stays in Vegas and on the contrary becomes something every player in the world can enjoy in a matter of weeks. From the first, crude online casinos with the OK, but not really great graphics and the slow Internet connections, lost many times during the day because of modem malfunctions, there has been a lot of water under the bridge. The situation now consists of modern, ultra sleek sites with stunning 3D graphics which take your breath away. There are also Internet connections that even allow you to play games with live dealers and a plethora of fantastic games.

People around you come from all walks of life, in all colors and races. Some of them are relaxed, some are anxious, some are very unhappy and some radiate happiness. So, this is the atmosphere in 1987 and to be honest, nothing much has changed in the 30 years that have passed since, apart from the size of the mobile phones.

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So, in the clash of the titans, who has the upper hand? Or could there be a third way out? Why can’t one enjoy an online casino clad in his or her pajamas and at the same time spend some quality time in a land based casino? Although this sounds very reasonable and indeed, there are people out there who practice a healthy combination of these two types of entertainment, it’s clearly not the case with most of us. It all boils down to personalities (doesn’t everything in life?). Extrovert persons, who shout and celebrate and have friends in the thousands in social media, are more likely to go for land. They are the ones who will rub their chips on their unshaven chins for good luck, winking at the same time at the beautiful lady in red, or green or gold across the table.

On the other hand, the introvert ones, those whose voice is barely more than a whisper and find socializing unbearable or at most, barely tolerable, are more prone to switch off the lights and switch on the casinos on their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. At the end of the day, since there will always be people of both categories in the world, the whole point of the type of entertainment that will prevail becomes void, a bit like the “unstoppable force” meeting the “immovable object”. Enjoy them both!